YouTube Vanced latest version for Android

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube vanced is a modded version of YouTube that enables features that users are not able to get with the original version. This app is an extended version of YouTube that gives more functionalities to the users for a better video-watching experience.

This tool included ad-blocking features, additional controls, stunning themes, customizable codec options, resolutions set up, and many more. Keep reading this article get to know more about YouTube vanced latest version.

YouTube Vanced latest version

Highlights of YouTube Vanced app

  1. With the latest updates on 2022, the YouTube vanced increases its performance compared to the previous version that making it trouble-free running on any Android device that runs Android 6 or above version.
  2. Another main feature of the YouTube vanced latest version is it can install on rooted or non-rooted devices. Whether your device is rooted or non-rooted the YouTube vanced is available to download and install.
  3. On the other hand, the YouTube vanced apk needs less amount of storage space to keep its files and folder compared to the previous version. This lightweight apk file takes a few minutes to complete the installation too.
  4. YouTube vanced is easy to install with the Vanced manager app describe below in this post.
  5. The user-friendly interface makes using these tools more comfortable even for those who do not have technical knowledge about Android.

Features of YouTube vanced latest version app

  • Adblocking – YouTube shows ads on their videos whenever we are watching videos, some are good and some are boring. With the YouTube vanced app, you can block ads on YouTube entirely from videos. Not only removing videos but also you can customize ads setting on YouTube with this YouTube mod application.
  • New themes – This YouTube vanced latest version tool allows ad themes for YouTube including the dark theme which is comfortable for users’ eyes and also for saving the battery life of smart devices.
  • Swipe controls – It is annoying to control volume and brightness while watching videos on YouTube. But with the YouTube vanced app you are allowed to use swipe controls for changing volume and brightness without pressing buttons or using settings.
  • Auto-repeat – YouTube vanced have an auto-repeat feature that helps to play videos continuously. If you are listening to music, you can use this tool to play songs continuously.
  • Video resolution – You can set up default videos playback resolution with YouTube Vanced app.
  • Playback speed – The YouTube vanced latest version also allows setting a playback speed for YouTube videos.

How to install YouTube vanced app on Android?

To install YouTube vanced app, developers create an intermediary app called Vanced manager. It solves installation complications that users had to face when installing YouTube vanced manually. Any user can install YouTube vanced app using this Vanced manager even those who do not have technical knowledge.

First, you need to download Vanced manager apk and install it on your device. Vanced manager is also free to download to any Android device that runs Android 6 or later. Please make sure to use a secure source to get the Vanced manager app as there might be spam download sources.

When you get the Vanced manager apk to your device, click on the apk file to start the installation process. The app will guide you to install the app itself.

When the installation is completed, you can open the app and use it for installing MicroG and YouTube vanced apps.

Installing steps for YouTube vanced latest version

To install YouTube vanced app on Android, you have to install the MicroG app before installing YouTube vanced app. MicroG is an alternative to Google Play Service that helps to run apps and games that not are supported by the Google Play service.

The Vanced manager app is also helping to install MicroG on Android too. To do that, open the Vanced manager app and then click the button on the home screen to install MicroG. When the installation process is over, you will receive a notification from the Vanced manager app itself.

Then you are good to install YouTube vanced latest version. It is also the same process, you can see a button named YouTube vanced. All you need to do is to click that button to start installing the YouTube vanced app and you will notice when the installation is completed. An icon will be placed on your screen to open the YouTube vanced app.

Downloading YouTube vanced for iOS

Unfortunately, the YouTube vanced is not available for iOS devices. Developers might be working on YouTube vanced iOS version, when they release the YouTube iOS version, we would be able to share that news. So keep in touch with us to know the latest news about YouTube vanced and Vanced manager.

How to install YouTube Vanced latest version on PC?

YouTube vanced can install on PC using Android emulators. If you do not have an Android emulator, first you need to download an Android emulator first. Then you can install Vanced manager and YouTube vanced latest version in the Android emulator that you install on your PC.