Wondering how to Save Gas on your Self Drive Rental? These Simple Tips Can Make a Huge Difference!

If you are planning to rent exotic cars and spend your holiday on drives, it could be a great decision especially if you love the flexibility. Moreover, if you happen to land your dream car, the very experience of driving it would make this vacation a happier and more remarkable one. 

Renting Exotic Cars can be Expensive 

Once you head to a service provider for “exotic car rental near me”, you will know that renting an exotic vehicle for a holiday can prove to be extremely expensive. For instance, if you rent an Audi or some other high-end vehicle, the price points are likely to be much higher compared to hiring a regular, standard car! Besides, tolls, insurance, and fuel charges would be extra. Therefore, attempting to save on gas costs would come in handy, especially for exotic cars. We look at some simple means that can prove cost-effective. 

Saving on Gas when Driving in NJ

  1. Check your Debit or Credit Card: Checking on your debit or credit card for offers can be helpful at times. Some cards have additional benefits offering discounts when you purchase gas. However, the catch here could be that you would have to stick to the same chain of gas stations even if they are not offering you the best prices! However, this can help save significantly. 
  2. Choose to pay in cash: There are gas stations in America that offer additional discounts when you choose to pay in cash. Make sure you keep dollars handy for gas purchases to avail of discounts. 
  3. Choose your routes carefully: The lengthiest and the most scenic routes would also be the most fuel-intensive ones. You must choose shorter routes that can reduce the consumption of fuel so that you do not have to go for a refill very often. Some apps can help you in calculating the shortest route. Choose ones with less traffic congestion so that you can optimize costs as well as time. 
  4. Clear out your trunk area: A car with a heavy trunk is likely to burn more fuel. Make sure you clear out your trunk and carry only as many items as you possibly need. This will help in saving gas. Also attaching surfing gears or other items on the rooftops will end up burning more fuel owing to high levels of resistance. If you are driving an exotic vehicle, chances are that you will not have the provision of exterior attachments. 
  5. Check Tyre Pressure: Maintaining optimal tire pressure will consume less gas. Consider checking the tire pressure now and then and make sure it is maintained well. 
  6. Be Frugal About Air Conditioning: Oftentimes, the best way to enjoy a ride is to switch off the AC, roll down the windows and enjoy cool breezes floating in. Keeping the air conditioning off when you do not need it is one of the smartest ways to save gas. 

Choosing an exotic car rental in Newark, NJ could be an excellent decision. Just make sure you have done enough to keep costs in control!