What should you look for in a Crypto Exchange?

Buying and selling digital money is simple these days! You can buy virtually; learn how to sell online, and enjoy the convenience of the virtual world! However, with various virtual currency exchanges making their presence felt and clamoring for attention, how should you choose your trading platform? What are the aspects you should look into when choosing a platform? We take a look at some pointers for help!

Some Important Pointers to take Note of 

  1. Check for Transparency: Remember, cryptocurrencies are not governed by legal regulations. Therefore, relying on a transparent exchange is important. Check with the audit information these reports provide important details about the financial information of the exchange. When exchanges are transparent, they share addresses of cold storage and disclosures for verifying reserves. Once these facts are shared with you without much ado, you know you have arrived at the right place! 
  2. The convenience of Trade: Smoothness of trade is another aspect to consider. Evaluating the processing time and the time required for settling crypto-currency payments should be thoroughly evaluated before deciding on the choice of platform. Some friendly platforms provide support for “lock-in” prices. This fixed the buying price of BTCs irrespective of the fluctuations in the market. This provides massive support to crypto traders who have just ventured into these volatile waters. 
  3. The kind of Tokens and Coins Traded on this Platform: Checking on the coins and tokens that are traded on the platform is another important checkpoint. If there is a delay in introducing a particular token or currency on the platform, it could mean an opportunity loss for the investors trading on the platform. A platform should ideally remain in sync with market developments. Coins that have become obsolete should be discarded. A platform that does not protect investors from falling victim to weak currencies is not a good choice. 
  4. The Mechanisms for Settlement: Analysing the platform well is important since frauds are common in this domain. Settlements of selling and purchase should be dealt with complete privacy. Privacy is the most salient aspect of the settlement. To make investments in crypto, maintaining reserves in your wallet is important. Investors can use UPI payments, card payments, or net banking for the same! 
  5. Checking on the Reputation of the Exchange: Checking on the reputation of the exchange is of paramount importance. Reputation does not mean the look of the website. Just because a webpage representing the interface is designed well does not mean it enjoys a brilliant reputation. Goodwill is different and has to be assessed critically. Professional guidance, discussion, and research are warranted for the same. One good way to check is to go through investor feedback.

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