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It can be truly tricky to buy a natural rug for your home, especially if you have decided to purchase Iranian rugs. Making a good choice means you have a room which looks put together. On the other hand, the same place can look unfinished and unseemly if the wrong choice is made. There are various factors to be considered while choosing the most suitable rug for your home. Some of the important things include colour and size of the rug alongside any kinds of blends in the material.

When you choose a sisal weave, you are getting highly durable natural flooring of your home space. It would be an ideal choice for home spaces having high footfall like the entryways and the stairways. The living rooms and the bedrooms are also a favourable spot for placing the sisal flooring covers chosen tastefully. 

A sisal rug would be exuding warmth and provide a classic look to the interiors when the right shades are chosen for the same. However, picking the best colours in sisal weave is not a difficult job. Moreover, due to the natural tones and patterns, sisal woven covers have an amazing ability to blend in the interiors.

Sisal can be woven together with other fibres of softer texture like wool to render rugs which have to give a soft touch and more versatile use.

Right size

It is important to choose a rug which is appropriately sized for your room. One of the primary things you require to consider is whether you want to make the room look filled with the rug or you just need to define a few areas in that?

If you are opting to get multiple rugs for various areas of a large room, then make sure that these rugs complement each other and enhance the overall look for the room.

Floorplans for area rugs

  • Living room: Keep in mind, choosing a rug which is too small for space may make the room appears disjointed. When you are choosing an area rug for a living room, the rug should fill in the seating area to the maximum possible extent. It is preferable that the furniture in the room sit on the rug. In this, way, the whole room can appear put-together in the most elegant way.
  • Bedroom: There are many classic types of floorplan options when it comes to bedroom rugs. 

One requires choosing a rug, which is large enough for accommodating all the furniture in the bedroom. Wall-to-wall floorplans also look very appealing. However, one can leave just a border of the floor on all sides around the edges of the room.

The second style is to choose a smaller rug which peeks out through the foot of the bed. In this case, the rug does not extend from all across towards the head of the bed. Moreover, the bedside tables also do not sit on the rug.

The third style can be less costly. It involves two smaller rugs in place for a bigger rug. Two runners lie along the bedsides and complete the look for the room.

Floorspace Sisal rugs are highly versatile for choosing in all these kinds of styles.