VS Tees – The Shirt You Need For Every Occasion

No matter what you wear, you always have that one shirt in your closet that you just can’t get out of the way. It doesn’t necessarily go with anything else you own, but it’s still there because it has sentimental value. But now, with VS Tees, you can free up some extra closet space because each shirt has two sides, so it looks great on its own or layered under your favorite coat or top! Keep reading to find out more about this versatile brand and how to order your very own VS Tee today!

Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Sara and I’m the creator behind VS Tees. On my site, you’ll find tons of streetwear shirts, vintage hoodies, and VS tees that are perfect for every occasion. From our popular Graphic Lace Up Tee to our Vintage Hoodie with a classic two-tone design, we have pieces that will keep you looking cool no matter what the weather is like outside. We also offer a variety of graphic tees in all different colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more stylish with bold graphics, we have a tee for you! All of our pieces are made with quality materials so that you can feel confident about your purchase from start to finish. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

How did you come up with the idea?

I’ve always been inspired by vintage hoodies and streetwear shirts. The two styles are very different, but both have their own amazing qualities. I wanted to find a way to mix the two together in one shirt, so I began to brainstorm and collect more inspiration. I soon found myself browsing some vintage hoodies, and noticed that they’re all either too big or too small for me. I realized that this was because they were originally designed with men in mind, not women. Women’s sizes don’t exist on the same scale as men’s sizes, so it would be nearly impossible for me to find a vintage oversized hoodie that fit me perfectly. I then started looking for oversized streetwear shirts for women and couldn’t find any at all!

What makes your product unique?

It’s a shirt you didn’t know you needed until now. It’s the perfect shirt for every occasion, no matter what your style may be. We know that in today’s world, we can never predict what will happen so it’s nice to have something in your closet that looks good and feels good no matter what situation arises.

This is where VS tees comes in. They are available as V-necks, scoop necks, Henleys, crew necks, and deep V-necks in multiple colors for both men and women.

Things to consider if you’re thinking of creating something similar.

  • Why did you want to create this product?
  • What do you want the consumer to get out of this purchase?
  • How much does it cost to produce?
  • Who is your target market?
  • 2. What makes your product different from other products on the market?

How do you expect your business to grow?

VS T-shirts is a new clothing company that aims to provide the perfect shirt for every occasion. When planning their business, they considered how they can offer something different than what was already out there in the market. They will continue to offer new designs and colors at a reasonable price so that customers can buy more than one shirt when needed. They hope to expand their line of products in the future and become a go-to brand for all occasions.

The Shirt You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every day we wear clothes, but do you ever consider why? No matter what your style or preferences are, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs at VS T-shirts. We carry everything from every day basics to special occasion attire and even men’s shirts!