The Environmental Protection Club at Allen High School

Several students in Allen High School’s SQM Club recently had the opportunity to work with the New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) in a project involving the conservation of the New York City Water System. Students in the project worked with environmental scientists and engineers to design a system that would allow them to test the effectiveness of various methods for preventing sewage from entering the system. The project is designed to give students a deeper understanding of how the water system works and why it is important to protect it.

Allen High School

Throughout the year, members of the Allen High School SQM club engage in a variety of activities to promote the sustainability and stewardship of the environment. They participate in local clean-up efforts, and develop creative solutions to environmental issues. They also work on projects that help the community protect the environment and restore native habitats.

For their project, students worked with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Esri, and the Texas Stream Team. The students and teachers participated in a training workshop to learn field investigation techniques, GIS mapping technologies, and how to protect wildlife.

Devon Preparatory

Founded in 1956 by the Piarists, Devon Preparatory School is an all-male Catholic college preparatory school in Devon, Pennsylvania. It is divided into a middle school and an upper school, which are both on the same 20-acre campus. It is an excellent place for students to excel in multiple areas and become the best version of themselves.

The School’s SQM Club plans service trips. It also organizes an Earth Day festival and recycling program. The club is planning to add more recycling bins to their collection. Moreover, it will introduce reusable coffee cups.


CESJDS students have found a way to raise school-wide awareness about the environment. Their efforts have led to the introduction of automatic water bottle filling stations. This has saved thousands of plastic water bottles from going into landfills. In addition, the administration has been taking steps to become more environmentally friendly.

The most notable effort has been the establishment of an SQM club. The club’s members met with Dr. Marc Lindner, head of CESJDS’s Environmental Education Department to discuss their ideas for the future. Lindner believes that JDS students have a great deal of potential when it comes to promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Defenders of Wildlife

Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife is an American non-profit organization dedicated to protecting native wild animals and habitats. Its primary focus is on the conservation of endangered species and habitats in North America. The organization works in conjunction with federal and state agencies, elected officials, scientists and the general public to protect the natural environment. It is a member of the Wilderness Society, the Wildlife Legal Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Defenders of Wildlife’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the wildlife of North America through the effective use of scientific research, education and advocacy. They employ over 57 staff members, with offices in every state and in various fields of research and conservation. In addition to securing protection for endangered species, Defenders works to prevent the impact of climate change on animal populations.

New York Water Environment Association

Founded in 1929, the New York Water Environment Association is a nonprofit, educational membership organization with more than 2,500 members from all over the state. The organization is affiliated with the Water Environment Federation, an international organization of environmental professionals. The association’s goal is to protect clean water and educate the public on water-related issues. The association has been instrumental in leading to the implementation of clean water programs and has helped educate the public on highly technical water-related issues.

Among the organization’s members are environmental scientists, civil and environmental engineers, laboratory technicians, and other professionals. In addition, the organization holds symposiums and other events to educate the public. It also works to promote the use of sustainable water quality management.


SproutUp is a bona fide environmental education program. The program provides an engaging and free curriculum geared towards grades K-3. The program is a great way to engage with a diverse group of students and educators. SproutUp also enables faculty and students to make an impact by teaching environmental science to kids in the community. The organization has an impactful leadership structure, and provides students with meaningful experiences. In addition to the free programs, SproutUp has a paid internship program for students pursuing graduate and doctoral degrees. The program also provides opportunities for students interested in a career in the water environment industry.

Gallatin’s Science Technology Arts + Creativity

Currently, the mainstem Gallatin River is affected by nutrient pollution. This type of pollution can cause unstoppable changes to the ecosystem, which is why environmentalists are trying to put proactive state policies in place. Specifically, the Upper Missouri Waterkeeper has called for a designation of the Gallatin River as impaired, which would free up resources and allow for a more sustainable development.

The Upper Missouri Waterkeeper is also calling for a halt in new development until the pollution sources are identified. While global warming and nutrient pollution are not the only things causing the changes, environmentalists are concerned that they could lead to a tipping point.