Tethered Drone MarketTop Players, Investment Feasibility Analysis, and Business Overview

According to the new research report published by The Insight Partners on “Tethered Drone Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis,” the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 45.0% from 2022 to 2028 to reach US$ 730.17 million by 2028.

Hoverfly Technologies, Yuneec Holdings, Fotokite, Volarios, and Elistair are among the leading tethered drone market players profiled in the report. These companies have a well-established customer base along with diversified product offerings for customers. Further, these players have a large consolidated market share across the global tethered drone market. These companies are acquiring smaller vendors and capturing contracts from various end user customers from emerging countries worldwide.

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A few of the important market initiatives and product developments from the industry are mentioned below: 

2022    Elistair, the global leader in the tethered drone industry, has been awarded a framework agreement by the DGA (French Armament General Directorate) for the supply of ORION 2 tethered UAVs.     

2022    Hoverfly Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the official opening of its new cutting-edge headquarters in Sanford, FL. The move to a new standalone facility has improved R&D, flight testing, and engineering, allowing LiveSky tethered UAS to be improved for government, security, and commercial customers.     

2022    Novadem will supply roughly 70 NX70 micro-drones to the G5 Sahel joint force by the end of summer 2022. This force, formed in 2015 by Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, brings together 5,000 troops to combat cross-border terrorism in the Sahel area. The NX70 was picked to equip all its battalions in part due to the positive comments it has received after its deployment by French forces in these same regions in 2019.

The most typical application of tethered quadcopters is to provide persistent surveillance for situational awareness. Tethered military drones are used for several purposes, including military ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) operations, disaster response, event management and security, and traffic monitoring. Data transferred by fiber optic drone tether is more secure than wireless transmissions since it is less sensitive to interference and cannot be jammed like RF signals. Furthermore, tethered drones are used to enhance visual experiences during news coverage and athletic events. In addition, the drones are quite inexpensive. Therefore, their use is growing in commercial applications, which drives the global tethered drone market growth. However, traditional battery-powered tethered drones have a short flight time for surveillance applications, which is projected to limit market expansion.

Key Findings of Study:

The tethered drone market size is expected to witness significant double-digit growth during the forecast period owing to the increase in adoption of drones for various applications, including border surveillance, law enforcement, crowd monitoring, emergency responding, search and rescue operations, industrial inspections, and live broadcasting. The need for the deployment of tethered drones in a short area with increased operational time of drones is another major factor propelling the market growth.

The tethered drone market players are focusing on the development of innovative products to cater different commercial sectors demand, owing to which, they are collaborating with several companies of different commercial sector entities to understand the needs and provide them a reliable solution. Apart from military applications, tethered drones are deployed for a variety of applications. For instance, in September 2021, Elistair’s Orion 2 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was deployed at the University of Montana’s Washington Grizzly Stadium to provide security for the 14,000 attendees at a Guns N’ Roses concert.

Further, in September 2021, Elistair announced that its Orion 2 tethered UAV was selected to use in the Nestor project, an EU-funded initiative that aims to address the protection and safeguarding of southern European marine and land borders. Similarly, in February 2021, the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP, Brigade des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris, in French) deployed a new Fotokite tethered drone during a few fire operations that can go up to 150 feet of height. Such applications of tethered drones for commercial applications are pushing the tethered drone market vendors to develop new and innovative products to cater to emerging demands.

A few other applications include field camps and command vehicles that are among the most important assets for military operations. Tethered drones provide the safety to equipment during a military operation. As such equipment (command vehicles, communication equipment) have their own radio signatures that can be detected by other detecting technologies from the enemy’s side; tethered drones help reduce their radio signature by providing lower visual signals to the moving assets that also helps in procuring the information from the operational locations more safely while performing the missions. Such mission calls for tethered drones are likely to propel the procurement and deployment of tethered drones across different military forces worldwide, which is driving the tethered drone market growth.

Hoverfly Technologies, Yuneec Holding Ltd., Fotokite, Volarious, and Elistair.–Prominent Market Participants in Tethered Drone Market

A tethered drone system provides power and communications to a UAV via a permanent physical link in the form of a flexible wire or cable (unmanned aerial vehicle). As fixed-wing drones cannot hover, UAV tethered systems rely on quadcopters or other multirotor drones as well as aerostats. They are utilized when the required flight duration is larger than that of a free-flying drone and a small working area is required. Drone tethers typically provide up to a few hundred metres of operational height, with the ability of the drone to handle the weight of the tether being the limiting factor. Drone tethers can be built of aramid or other lightweight synthetic materials for strength, copper or plated copper for power transmission, and optical fiber for data and communications. The system might be built on the ground or on a vehicle.

The buyers in the tethered drone market include commercial and military applications. The media & entertainment, energy & power, telecommunication and defense people procure tethered drones, especially to provide persistent surveillance for situational awareness. Tethered military drones are used for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), disaster response, event management and security, traffic monitoring, and several other purposes. The defense forces procure tethered drones to build strong communication network systems and security. There have been significant investments by military forces worldwide toward the development and procurement of tethered drones.

Moreover, the military forces and commercial applications have choices to switch between tethered drone suppliers based on parameters such as price, technology, and requirement. Because the end users of the tethered drone market have the option to choose their suppliers, the bargaining power of the buyers is medium in the tethered drone market and is expected to be high in the coming years by the growing demand for tethered drones.

The adoption of tethered drones by search and rescue teams also provides additional support to different teams to perform their tasks more efficiently and save a greater number of survivors in any accidental incidents. The deployment of tethered drones for such operations in the future will provide several future opportunities for the market vendors to grab the market share and gain a considerable position in the tethered drone market. Moreover, the companies are also focusing on developing products that provide support to create communications across accidental locations in remote areas for search and rescue missions which is another major factor acting as one of the trends for the tethered drone market.

The top five companies in the tethered drone market

Hoverfly Technologies, Yuneec Holding Ltd., Fotokite, Volarious, and Elistair. The above listing of key players is derived by considering multiple factors such as overall market insights, dynamic trends, revenue, current general aviation portfolio, new product launches, market initiatives, investment in technology up-gradation, mergers & acquisitions, and other joint activities.

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