Songs by Ruth creating hard hitting lyrics through life experiences

You could say while Songs by Ruth is not as eloquent as some of the great, it is down to earth and speaks to the every day person. In today’s hip-hop world it is not the intellectuals that needs her music, it’s not the mosarts that will be touched by this but the everyday person who is in need of love and care. While Songs by Ruth has a flare of poetry the irony here is that it will be this ordinary songwriter honest exertions of cliché phrases that might remain in our heart for centuries.

As a world we typically ignore the underdog and we fail to see beyond, to comprehend their goal.

It might be only after the songs by Ruth project has folded that one might stop and listen. After all she’s no Chopin, (then here make the comparison).

However, she writes for the ordinary and the broken. That they might triumph and find their rainbow years.