Printable Chronological Bible Reading

Reading the entire Bible should be a core discipline for every Christian. This is the book we love. Get quick books in Las Vegas. This is our foundation for life and godliness. How can we live the way God wants us to if we don’t read? This year I chose the chronological program, and I really liked it! Many years ago I read the printed chronological Bible, but I forgot how useful it is.

Job is read around the beginning of the year, as Job lived before Moses.

Ruth supports the judges’ reports, but Esther finds herself almost at the end of the Old Testament reading when the people of Israel went into exile. The psalms are scattered throughout the times of kings, but I can also read the 90th psalm of Moses with his story. David’s psalms are read after reading his story, but the psalms written by Asaph and other psalmists are read later, and the theme of each psalm is associated with a message that might have inspired the psalmists. The scriptures of the prophets can also be found alongside the events of their time, as recorded in the history books.

The Gospels are aligned, and that helps me a lot.

 It is difficult to read the Gospels four times more than traditionally, but in this way every event comes to life. The Acts of the Apostles are interspersed with letters to churches, so that with a letter corresponding to that church, I can read how the first churches were founded. The pastoral letters are read towards the end of the year, when Paul wrote them in Rome, where he died. Then the books of the apostle John are at the very end, because he was the last of the apostles, and with his writing of Revelation, the Bible was complete.

There are many great Bible reading apps that can be really handy, but some might like the printed calendar that you can save in your favorite Bible. Someone at our church asked for a chronological timeline, and when I looked, I couldn’t find anyone with a printed list of checkboxes to track progress. So I did one.

I hope you find it helpful as the New Year approaches.

There is no data on this timeline, so you can start at any time and progress for 365 days.

If you really want to fill your day with the Word of God,

 Use the morning , noon, and evening to read the Bible by my father. He introduces you to the New Testament once a month! I think this year, since I usually read the New Testament twice a year, I will be doing more! Since I don’t know if I can repeat the New Testament 12 times, I would like to shoot at least 3 times. So in addition to reading the Old Testament with my chronological reading schedule above, but add several New Testament sessions per month using my father’s morning and evening schedule.

Would you like to join me. Please stay in touch and let me know how you are progressing in your Bible reading.