How Would You Compare WordPress and Craft CMS?

What is Craft CMS?

Craft CMS was introduced as a WordPress substitute, particularly for users who wanted to concentrate on artistic creation. Craft has been a well-known CMS for a while, but when compared to the other system, it is the newer one. A group of programmers and designers work together to create and maintain Craft CMS in a vibrant open-source community. WordPress, however, need themes before designers and engineers can begin.

What is WordPress CMS?

WordPress is now a CMS instead of just a blogging tool. Although they were not originally included in the core WordPress platform, the CMS components have grown over time, and many additional features and themes are now accessible via plugins.

WordPress is a theme-based platform, and while setting up a theme may be done without having to start from scratch, it does mean that there will be a lot of extra code that will slow down a website.

Craft CMS vs WordPress: Themes and Plugin

There is a huge market for developers to create plugins for WordPress. The problem is that many websites end up looking remarkably similar, which causes them to lose visitors.

There are no plan limitations in Craft CMS. Users are given a blank slate by Craft CMS so they can build themselves from scratch. As a result, designers and developers have the freedom to create something unique, captivating, and user-friendly.

Craft CMS vs WordPress: Secu­ri­ty & Stability

WordPress is the more popular CMS among the two, which contributes to the fact that it is targeted more often by assaults. Many WordPress-powered websites are also poorly maintained, making each new plugin a security risk and an entrance point for attackers, which results in security breaches.

With their rapid update cycle setup, Craft updates issues swiftly and effectively. They take security and stability very seriously. To protect against SQL injection threats, Craft CMS uses PDO for all database queries and parameters surrounding its dynamic values. Additionally, compared to other CMSs, Craft’s security is generally far more trustworthy.

Craft CMS vs WordPress: Speed

Extensive Javascript codes are used by WordPress plugins like Jetpack to modify core behavior. This burdens users’ browsers by adding heft to each page stack. You’ll need to install more plugins to a WordPress website to make it run as quickly as Craft CMS in order to achieve what ought to be base functionality.

Before displaying photos on the page, Craft CMS uses Imgix to automatically crop and resize the images. Because of this method, Craft websites load incredibly rapidly even when their pages have lots of photos.