How to Turn Off Likes on Twitter | Tw Followers

When you open your Twitter account, seeing different people’s retweets and Get likes can get messy and irritating. Seeing all the likes acting on your Twitter feed isn’t exciting due to the fact anyone can view your likes.

Liking and retweeting assist Twitter and different sites create targeted advertising, and regularly you may word Twitter displaying ads based totally on what you’ve preferred before.

This guide covers the whole thing you must understand concerning turning off likes on Twitter. We will speak about the choice you have to disguise likes on Twitter and the restrictions it causes.

Also, we are able to present every other approach of turning off likes on Twitter without placing your account private. That being stated, allow’s get our palms grimy and research!

Can I Turn Off Likes on Twitter?

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t deliver any reliable methods of turning off likes on the platform.

It knows the worth of you liking the tweet in assisting its algorithm to learn you higher and hold you engaged on the platform.

Despite that, a trick that works in turning off likes on Twitter involves making your Twitter account private.

How To Turn Off Likes on Twitter

There are two alternatives to use to show off likes on Twitter.

Method #1: Making Your Account Private

Since Twitter has no professional way for this, we have to set our Twitter account private.

Doing so limits Twitter users who don’t comply with you from viewing your likes and other Twitter sports, including tweets. Besides, other sites like Google gained to get the hazard to music your activities as your account is private.

On the other hand, you get a blow because making your account non-public limits your sports on Twitter. For example, your posts will best be seen by your fans, and the use of hashtags will don’t have any impact on your tweet.

If you’re okay with turning off likes on Twitter on the price of what you may obtain with the platform, then follow the steps under to set your account non-public:

  • Open your Twitter app and log into your account.
  • Once logged in, click on your Twitter profile photograph or icon at the pinnacle left corner.
  • On the menu that appears, click on the “Settings and Privacy” alternative.
  • Under the settings page, scroll down and click on “Privacy and Safety”.
  • Next, click on the option for “Audience and tagging”.
  • Click the “Protect your tweets” button on the next display screen to enable it.

Your account is now non-public, and for everyone to peer your likes, they should be following you.

Consequentially, you also lose loads in phrases of connecting with people out of doors those you comply with. If this solution of making your account personal doesn’t desire you, try the subsequent technique underneath.

Method #2: Removing All Your Likes

If you propose to grow your community and Twitter account, the usage of the primary technique of making your account private is throwing a bomb at your face.

Luckily, we have a plan B that lets you tweak matters and hide your likes from human beings. It includes removing all of your likes.

Before you begin shouting, we are sorry, however, that is the handiest feasible choice.

The bad news is that the technique is time-consuming, in particular, if you have many appreciated tweets. Plus, someone will know while you take away a like on their tweet.

If you may paintings with that, then comply with the stairs underneath:

  • Log into your Twitter account.
  • Click on your profile/avatar icon on the top.
  • Tap on your “Profile” alternative.
  • Go to the right to the “Likes” tab.
  • Under the “Likes” tab, you’ll see all your favoured tweets.
  • Click on the heart/love subsequent to each tweet to eliminate the like.
  • That’s it! Once you’ve removed all of the likes, you’ll have turned off likes on Twitter without putting your account to non-public.


Twitter has no legit way of turning off likes on the platform. However, you may set your account to personal, limiting your interactivity however allowing you to cover your likes from the majority.

Alternatively, you can cast off all your likes, and your Twitter will now not have any likes. The two techniques are your first-rate shot in case you are seeking out how to turn off likes on Twitter.