How to Read Comic Books Online

No matter your reading preference – computer or tablet – there are countless opportunities available for comic readers. Some sites provide free comics while others may require subscription in order to read further comics.

ComiXology is the ultimate pay service, boasting a library that rivals Marvel and Kindle’s, plus a guided reading mode which displays panels one at a time for beginners. This is ideal for novice readers.

Dee’s Comics and Graphic Novels

A carefully curated comics collection can help introduce new readers to the genre and to the wider world of comics. Many comic book owners go above and beyond for their loyal customers, often pulling off hot titles for them or giving them first crack at items just arriving.

This graphic novel with strong female leads and gender non-binary characters makes an excellent choice for girls, boys, and children beyond the binary. It tackles social issues ranging from racism to street harassment in an accessible and empowering fashion.

Old Caves is an incredible graphic novel debut, offering a breathtaking glimpse through frost-covered windows at isolation and obsession.


Are You an Avid Comic Book Reader? Chances are, you already own a digital comic collection on a device such as a Kindle or iPad. Perhaps even better yet, Comixology provides many features for reading comics including its built-in search function and ability to browse books by series, story arc, ratings and more with menus making finding books easy!

kingcomix hosts frequent sales that provide the ideal opportunity to purchase top titles at a discount, while their Wish List feature allows users to save comics they plan to read later. When choosing your site of choice it’s important to keep budget and storage capacity in mind as well as taking into account publisher reputation and take into account how long their series have been published for.

DC Universe Infinite

DC Universe Infinite, much like Comixology Unlimited, tracks and saves your progress while reading books across its website and app. It also lets you curate lists based on storyline or thematic connections – such as my “My Favorite Catwoman Capers” or “Comics Where Batman Punches Guy Gardner.”

In November, DC imprints including Vertigo, Black Label and Collected Editions will add more than five thousand titles to their Ultra tier, and new or current ULTRA subscribers who sign up for one year and provide their mailing address will receive a physical book!

DC Universe Infinite comics load faster than its counterpart Marvel Unlimited, eliminating any annoying page load times between pages. Plus, you can add a widget directly onto your home screen for fast accessing any in-progress reads you may still have left to read!


Webcomics aren’t created solely to make money; rather, they aim to connect with their audiences by conveying an idea or way of seeing life that resonates with readers. No one creates them for large readership but for love of story and passion to share it with everyone. When purchasing these stories you are supporting their creators while purchasing helps keep the show on the road while donations help keep their creativity alive in an uncertain sales market.


WEBTOON is an online digital comics platform offering an assortment of genres and stories. Additionally, it provides various tools to connect comic creators and readers directly. WEBTOON’s vast audience helps comic creators gain more exposure while discovering new fans.

WEBtoon’s business model centers around offering content free-of-charge. To do so, it uses various sources of revenue – advertising revenue streams, WEBTOON Coin sales and merchandise tie-in sales among them – while still remaining free for users to enjoy.

WEBTOON provides comic artists with an opportunity to share ad revenues through its revenue share program, potentially offering a full-time income if their comic is successful enough. To maximize this opportunity, research the format used for WEBTOON comics before beginning your own and create something that meets its standards.