How to do Hamraaz Web Login

After you have completed all required information, you can register as an Indian Army soldier in Hamraaz Web and log into your military account. Only Username and Password are required for personal login.

  1. First, you need to open Hamraaz Web Army Account.
  2. Logging in to the portal requires that you enter your 10-digit PAN card number in capital letters in Username. Login page available.
  1. Next, enter correctly the password that you created at Hamraaz Web Registration.
  2. After entering the captcha code shown, click the submit button. After that, you will be logged in to your Hamraaz account. However, you may be asked for the answer to the security question you have provided.

How To Reset Hamraaz App Password – How To Forget Hamraaz Web Password

You can reset your password if you forget it. After providing some information, your password can then be changed:

  1. To do this, you must first open Hamraaz mobile app or Hamraaz website.
  2. Click on the Forgot password link on the login page.
  3. After filling in the Captcha code, you will need to enter your 10-digit PAN card number in capital letters.
  4. Then, your friend will ask for the answer to the question you asked at the time you registered online. If you don’t know the answer, click on the option Try Another Way. Hamraaz Web Password Forget
  5. A new page will then open in front you. There are two options: Try Another Way or e-mail ID. You can click on either option to proceed. If the email ID has not been registered, the first option will be called. Select
  6. Next, enter your DOE (Date Of Enlistment) as well as your Employment ID. Both of these numbers are found on your payment slip. Once you have completed all of this, click the Verify button.
  7. Click on “Yes” to confirm your acceptance of the terms. Next, enter any strong password twice to create your Humraj web password. Select any security question you wish to answer and then click on the submit button.
  8. This will allow you to reset your Hamraaz password. You can now login using your PAN card number and password by visiting the login page.

Hamraaz Pay Slip Ko Kaise Download Kare-Military Pay Slip

Hamraaz web makes it easy to get your pay slip if you are an Indian Army soldier. Follow the steps below.

  1. First, log in to Hamraaz Web App/Portal with your Pan number.
  2. Next, select PaySlip/Form 16 from the Select Menu. tamilmv new link A new page will then open in front.
  3. Select the month and year of your pay slip (remember, you can only see the last 6 months) and click on Download Payment Slip.
  4. It will then begin downloading. You can download the PDF version of the same Form 16 by clicking on the year.

What is Hamraaz Web app Pay Slip PDF Password?

To open the payment slip, you will need to enter your Humraaz App password

The PDF Password is the first four characters of your PAN card and the date and months (Date and Month) that the Pay Slip Password is made up of eight digits.

If your Pan Card Number last four digits are 749E, and your birth date is September 18, your HamraazPay Slip PDF password will then be 749E1809.

Hamraaz Army App for Pc, IPhone & Windows 2022

You may have noticed from the start that the Hamraaz app can only be downloaded for Android users. It is also not available to everyone. To provide online service for the Indian Army, Hamraaz Web is only available in Android. You can still run the app on your computer or laptop.

You can then use Android Emulator such as Bluestack or Nox Software to run any mobile application on your computer screen. Hamraaz Web can be used instead of Hamraaz App, which performs the same thing.

FAQ’s – Hamraaz Web

Q. Can Humraj App be downloaded free of charge?

The Indian Army does not charge any fees to download the Humraj app. It can be downloaded from the official website of Indian Army. However, only Indian Soldiers can use it.

Hamraaz App version 7.1 is now available. To install in mobile, you will need Android 5.1+. Previous versions were 6.51, 6.51, and 6.52.Your security is the password to anything. In the same manner, remember to create a password in Hamraaz Web Account (A to Z with small and major letters from 0-9 and special characters (@*, #, &$, %) join.This app was created keeping in mind the online service provided by the Indian Army. Its job is to issue digital payment slips to soldiers, resolve complaints, update personal details, and inform about important updates.After logging in to your Hamraj account you will be able to view the information about your family. Click on the Family Details link to see it. You can also make any changes to the family details by clicking the Update button.

Q. Hamraaz web Pay Calculator to Fixate Pay on Promotion/MACP

You can find out how much you will receive in salary for the next promotion by visiting the Hamraaz Pay Calculator. Also, you can download the Pdf of the Pay Matrix. Is.


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