Concrete Slotted Posts for a New Fence: Why Choose Them?

Wind speeds are increasing as a result of global warming, and it is now known that fence panels need to be replaced more frequently than previously believed.

Even if global warming is a myth, the issue that is causing our fences to deteriorate and require maintenance is the increase in wind speeds. In Nottingham, where I have been building fences for more than 30 years, there has been a steady shift away from the traditional 3 inch wooden posts and toward the usage of 4 inch pre-formed Concrete grinding brisbane slotted posts.

These posts should be installed once, and they seem to resist the erratic British weather. Of course, these posts won’t rust or get damaged. Keep in mind that the main objective of your new fence panel is to keep it up and off the ground, keeping it dry. Always install the pre-formed gravel board that sits at the bottom and is firmly fastened between the two posts.

The weight of the gravel board also distributes the bulk of the weight of the fencing to the bottom, acting as an extra anchor and strengthening the construction. In addition to giving the fence a much finer appearance, using two gravel boards at the base of any fencing that will be built higher than 5 feet reduces the size of the fencing panel that must be installed from 5 feet to 4 feet. Routine maintenance procedures like creosoting will be much easier as there will be 4 instead of 5 panels to paint.

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A 4 foot panel is far more durable, and the bigger the panel when it is put, the more likely it is that it will flex along its length. In my opinion, the best justification for installing new concrete slotted posts is that, in the event that the fencing is harmed by severe storms or other bad weather, all that is needed is to order a new panel and slide it into the empty space; this is a much simpler and less expensive task than hiring a tradesman to complete this work.