7 Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning for Students

Enquiry-based learning practices are not new, but they started gaining popularity recently. Teachers encourage children to ask all possible queries they have in mind to clarify various concepts. The idea is to challenge their curiosity levels and widen their thought process. Even the best Abu Dhabi Indian school in Muroor follows this practice and emphasizes enquiry-based learning over other methodologies, which speaks a lot about its significance. 

If you also have children studying in secondary school in Abu Dhabi, you may also wonder how this learning mechanism can help. Let us discuss a few advantages it offers to help you understand if you should also opt for this learning practice and how fruitful it can prove for your child. 

7 benefits of enquiry-based learning

Develops Research Skills

When children have to ask questions, they would definitely do comprehensive research. They will have to dig deeper into the topic, study its details and then come up with queries they have. This way, their understanding of the topic improves, and their research skills improve drastically. This newly developed skill will help them their entire life, even during their professional journey. 

Widen their Thought Process

When children have to ask questions, they think about things from different perspectives. It will widen their thought process and push them to think beyond measure. They can also use this habit in academics and their personal life, as they will start seeing things that others might ignore. 

Increases Engagement

Enquiry-based learning improves the engagement level of a child too many folds. They will learn the topic thoroughly, and you will also be sure that every child is paying equal attention in class. If they have queries, you know their engagement level is better. However, if a child doesn’t have many questions, you will understand that the engagement rate is low. 

Empower the Voice

Asking questions and stressing about getting the queries resolved requires a strong voice. Everyone will have questions, and one has to put their point forward to get the answers. Thus, this practice will empower the voice and develop skills like standing up for oneself in children. 

Foster Curiosity

Seeing things differently and trying to understand them deeply require an urge! Your child should have higher curiosity levels for this, and their zeal to know the details will make them more informed. Not only this, curiosity will make them better learners and help them their whole life.

Active Involvement

The involvement automatically improves when children know they have to ask queries after the teacher introduces the topic. Every Abu Dhabi Indian school Muroor works with this vision and follows an enquiry-based learning mechanism to improve the involvement of their students. 

Nurtures Interests

It is also an effective strategy for identifying the interests and talents of children. The topic or the subject in which the child has the most number of queries is clearly the one in which they are most interested. It is also a fruitful way of identifying talents and planning your child’s career accordingly. 

There are plenty of other benefits that this learning methodology can offer. It is like solving the problems of tomorrow in today’s classroom, as the things that can possibly happen in the future will get covered in these queries. However, you can only avail all these perks if you choose the best school with trained educators who understand how to execute this and bring the best out of a child. Talk to the admission authorities and concerned people to get clarity about the efforts they make and the changes they assure in your child. Then, stay vigilant and make wise decisions to design a fruitful future for your child.