What is the relationship between Kia Motors and Hyundai Motors?

In South Korea, there were originally three major automobile companies, the earliest being Kia, the government-supported Hyundai, and the latter Daewoo. In 2002, Hyundai and Kia merged and became known as Hyundai Motor Group, which has many sub-brands, including Daewoo. And later Hyundai sold Daewoo models to General Motors, so there were the current Chevrolet Lodges (formerly Daewoo Mantis), Escalade (formerly Daewoo Blue Dragon), Cruz (formerly Daewoo LACETTI), and Lakewood (formerly Daewoo Carlos). Harga Ferrar is unknown.

Hyundai Kia Group, Kia with KIA as the logo. The positioning of the two is different, Kia in Korea for the young, fashionable class, Hyundai for the business, and government class. That’s why the Korean government sees Hyundai more often, and Hyundai’s flagship model Yakuza (originally called Century Centennial) has more than 600,000, while Kia’s flagship model Ophelia is less than 300,000.

For the Chinese market out of the car whether Kia or Hyundai, the use of core technology is the same. The most typical example is the Hyundai Sonata and Kia’s far ship; Hyundai Accent and Kia RIO can be compared, the engine a screw is not different, and the model size is the same, but is a slightly different look. Choose who depends on which car you like more appearance, other technology ah what can not be considered, basically the same.

Kia is a well-known brand in South Korea, and domestic sales are also good, although now under the Hyundai now Asia Group, because the government dealt with the financial crisis before the merger. But they have their own independent R & D institutions, remember that Korea’s first gasoline and diesel cars are produced by Kia, the technology is absolutely more mature than the modern ones, and now the common chassis and engine development is mainly Kia company.

In the market, Korean Kia’s models mainly play the European and American markets, and Korean Hyundai’s models mainly play the Asian market. Hyundai can have good sales in China, after all, Hyundai cars in the Chinese market enter much earlier, so we can know some of its brands, but the fact is that Kia’s car and the modern car is the opposite model, and each one, Kia than Hyundai car to configure high prices, and perfect technology. I don’t need to say “fuel consumption”, you can ask the owners of the two cars, the answer is that most of the Kia save, this is the gap in technology. And now Kia’s only shortcoming is the brand and mass production, resulting in a decline in competitiveness.