Some of the exotic locations in Croatia to invest in real estate

Croatia is a popular coastal paradise and a preferred destination for real estate investment. This is due to its high level of stability and safety, and low crime rate, which makes it very attractive to foreigners who want to retire or buy second homes in its exotic landscape. 

Buying property in Croatia is safe and involves low risk as it has the potential to appreciate in future, offering a good return on investment. 

Listed below are some of the most sought-after locations in Croatia for real estate investment: 


Hvar is a tiny island, with one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Hvar is an ideal destination for real estate investment in Croatia. The city boasts a large number of hotels, and commercial establishments. Hvar’s civic infrastructure and tourist attractions make it an ideal spot for investment from all over Europe and the world. It is a family-friendly destination, and a great place for group holidays as accommodation options are so diverse. You can find everything from country homes to luxury villas, eco hotels, and campsites. The old town and its nearby beaches have made Hvar quite popular amongst visitors, and the local population.  


Dubrovnik is one of the most sought-after destinations for real estate investment in Croatia. It has become a haven for many of Europe’s most affluent travellers, drawn by its beautiful old city, historic monuments and famous beaches. Its proximity to the Adriatic coast makes Dubrovnik a truly international destination with a luxurious lifestyle. Combined with enormous tourism potential and a great quality of life, Dubrovnik attracts real estate investors from all over Europe. 


Cavtat attracts real estate investors in large numbers because of its strategic location on the Adriatic Sea, which allows it to reach the main areas in Europe like Western Europe, Italy and Greece through the entrance channel of Rijeka or Trieste. With its proximity to popular tourist beaches and monuments in Zagreb, Cavtat is the ideal place for a vacation in Croatia. It is perfect for those who like to enjoy all that there is to offer from the sea and sunshine to nightlife and culture. The property market in Cavtat is attractive and offers a good return on investment. 


Opatija is a unique destination for real estate investment in Croatia. Properties in Opatija are upscale, and very sought-after because of the sea views, powdery white beaches, the famous salt reserves, numerous vineyards and the luxury lifestyle which makes this place worth spending retired life in peace. With its picturesque mountains and beautiful islands, it serves as an ideal destination for nature tourism. Opatija’s excellent infrastructure and friendly environment have attracted many investors over the years.  


Rovinj in Croatia is a perfect destination for real estate investors. The city has a very high demand for housing and commercial buildings according to the latest statistics. Apart from being an attractive place for tourists, there are also lots of financial incentives for investors who choose to invest in Rovinj. With its stunning coastline and friendly people, this is a place that you can always enjoy after making a profitable investment in real estate. It is a charming and comfortable city located in the central part of Croatia with numerous cultural and historical attractions, including Diocletian Palace, the Museum of Modern Art and the Church of St. John the Baptist. 

This historic city offers visitors a wide range of opportunities such as skiing and wellness tourism, while also combining it with modern amenities such as water sports, sailing and other various recreational activities. A combination of high-quality hotels, restaurants and shops provide tourists with a convenient way to explore everything this seaside town has to offer. 


Split is located at the heart of Dalmatia, one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Apart from being a great location for property investment, Split is also a major port where you can find plenty of options if you want to establish your company in Europe. Split is a year-round destination for tourists and investors. The city sits in a central location, close to islands, resorts and seaside golf courses. Split has been rated as one of the best-value destinations in Europe for accommodation and entertainment. 

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