Sakura Viewing Spots in Japan: A Guide to Capturing Springtime Splendor

Sakura is among Japan’s most iconic symbols and has been celebrated throughout the country for a long time. Invoking hope and renewal, They are often employed as a main theme in literature and art, like haiku, a type that is a form of Japanese poetry that evokes seasonal themes.

The pastel pink flowers that bloom every spring in Japan attract people from all over the country to enjoy their beauty and welcome the warmer weather. Gardens and parks are very popular places for hanami (flower viewing) places where people gather together with their families and friends to enjoy picnics beneath the stunning blooms. Many canals, riversides as well as moats also are decorated with Sakura. This makes them an ideal spot to stroll around or take a boat cruise.

The best time to view blooms usually falls about the middle of March until April, but it varies based on the region and season’s weather conditions. The blossoms generally begin blooming in the southern region of Japan and move to the north. They can be seen even later than May in Hokkaido. Discover two of the most beautiful places to experience the famous Sakura season in Japan.

1. Kawazu cherry blossoms

Shizuoka Prefecture

Along the east shore on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, you will discover the tiny town of Kawazu, known for its home to the earliest flowering Sakura trees in eastern Japan. Kawazu-sakura (Kawazu cherry blossoms) typically flower in February, which is almost one month earlier than other Sakura that bloom in the Tokyo region and are famous for their massive and bright pink flowers.

Don’t miss out on the famed Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival, which runs for about one month during the blossoming season. The festival is held along the banks of the Kawazu River between Kawazu Mine Onsen and Kawazu. Mine Onsen and you are likely to see plenty of food and drink vendors along the streets. You can also purchase traditional Japanese items and souvenirs. The stroll along the river is tranquil, and certain sections are stunningly lit at night.

Experience Japan’s springtime beauty during sakura season is an incredible journey, and joining one of many available tours of Japan can ensure you don’t miss any major landmarks or sights. These tours have been carefully tailored to take you to some of the most breathtaking spots for viewing cherry blossoms, from early-blooming Kawazu blossoms in Shizuoka Prefecture to scenic Mt Shiude in Kagawa Prefecture. 

2. Mt Shiude

Kagawa Prefecture

For stunning views of the picturesque Seto Inland Sea framed by Sakura, make your way to Mount Shiude. It is located within the Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The mountain is 352 meters high and has an impressive display of more than 1,000 Sakura trees. The stunning view of the islands that adorn the blue water, contrasting with the delicate pink blossoms, is certain to make you happy.

It is also home to a number of beautiful sakura spots. Shikoku region also offers many gorgeous Sakura locations within its three prefectures. The most famous is in Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama Castle is a favorite place to view an amazing display of Sakura in front of the impressive castle tower constructed in the Edo Period (1603-1867). 

The castle is located in Kochi Prefecture, enjoy over 600 varieties of sakura flowers and take a stroll through the 200m tunnel of Sakura at Kagamino Park. Within Tokushima Prefecture, Seibu Park on the slopes of Mt Bizan is the home of more than 500 sakura trees, which create a stunning scene at any time of the day and also when they’re illuminated at night.