Most In-Demand Job in Canada in 2023

As there is an advanced upsurge in the number of aspirants immigrating to Canada yearly, one question that often lingers in the mind is: What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada? In this article, we shall explore the job vacancies that are regularly charted among the most in-demand jobs in Canada. The vacancies vary across skilled labor categories like truck drivers, plumbers, and welders to administrative job roles like program manager, human resource manager, project manager, finance accountant, administrative associates, and receptionists. Canada caters to almost all job categories across its provinces and territories and no matter what stream of jobs you aspire to explore. To get a fair idea of the Canadian job market, you can approach the Nationwide Visas team’s Canada Education Consultants in Delhi as they are equipped to furnish all details about the foreign study requirements backed by over a decade of successful track records of visa assistance services and client relations. 

Countries across the globe have recommenced their economic retrieval in the wake of COVID-19, and Canada is on a similar path. Canada’s job market has the appetite to accommodate assorted career options, and skill fortes, all under one umbrella be it a blue-collar one or the white-collar one. The country expects an impressive turnover of immigrants by 2022 – 2023 to make a substantial contribution to its economic recovery, which is directly connected to the employment prospects for Canadian immigrants. In the said context, it becomes pertinent to explore the most in-demand jobs in Canada post the pandemic period. Before we unravel the job prospects, please make a note that you must take the assistance of a Canada Study Abroad Consultant to understand the prerequisites of obtaining a Canada PR Visa.

Canada has two major categories of jobs in demand – high-demand jobs that are never off the market and seasonal jobs. Such most in-demand jobs in Canada are listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list with a specific job code and this provision makes it easier for the PR Visa aspirant to track down the precise job in the NOC list.  The NOC list categorizes all occupations in the nation available in the Canadian labor market. At Nationwide Visas, the Canada Study Abroad Consultant would assist you in reviewing your application meticulously following the NOC matrix.  

The top 10 jobs that are in most in-demand job in Canada in 2023 are as below:

Registered Nurse/ Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered Nurses are required across every Canadian province or region. As per the job market, nearly 5,000 new Registered Nurse jobs in 2023. Almost every province in Canada excluding New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Saskatchewan has a high demand for Registered Nurses (RN). Following RNs, Licensed Practical Nursing is the next top in-demand job on the Canada NOC list. The senior citizen populace is placing more requirements on health care assistance, and a retiring workforce is acting as a catalyst in producing a need to employ more Licensed Practical Nurses. 

Business Management Consultant

The consulting business is thriving, as Canadian companies are increasingly seeking expert advice in varied areas like management, information technology, marketing, and more. As a Business Management Consultant, you can employ your skills to make businesses to be lean and prolific. Business Management Consulting tops the chart as one of the highest-demand jobs in Canada. From healthcare to technology – such experts can get a placement in any vertical they want to focus their skills in. So be a business management consultant in canada.

Software Engineer or Designer

Canada has always kept its doors open for Software Engineers from India owing to the very shortage of skilled engineers in the country. When it comes to a qualified software engineering workforce, Canada has its share of struggles in bridging the gap between demand and supply. Hence, qualified engineers from foreign are in demand.

Canada has always welcomed, aspiring Software Engineers with impressive academic backgrounds, skills, and intelligence, with ample immigration prospects. As per the current trends, Canada has opened up nearly 18,000 job openings to fulfill its labor market shortages in the Information Technology Industry. So be a software engineer or designer in canada.

Aerospace Engineer

Canada is in urgent requirement of upgrading its old aircraft fleets in line with the latest technological advancements. Be it security, environment, or regulations, the demand for Aerospace Engineers has witnessed a surge in recent times. Aspirants with an impeccable background in research, design, development, installation, testing, and maintenance of aerospace systems and their components have brighter prospects of obtaining a PR Visa. So be an aerospace engineer in canada.

Cybersecurity Professionals 

Data Security threat is a major bottleneck faced by businesses across the globe. As internet usage has boomed in the last decade, the ratio of data breaches has also witnessed a steep surge. Year on year, Canada is witnessing a sizeable shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Given the distressing data breach situation, The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that by 2026, Canada’s requirement for cybersecurity jobs (entailing administrators, analysts, and managers) will go up by 28%. So be a cybersecurity professional in canada.

Project Manager 

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world will require a workforce of nearly 87.7 million in project management vacancies and Canada alone would need 90k out of it. Project management has always appeared in high-demand jobs irrespective of the industry or vertical. Project Managers are employed in various sectors like IT, hospitality, healthcare, construction, etc. because it is the top searched-for jobs in Canada in 2022-23. So be a project manager in canada.

Administrative and Support Desk Specialists 

The IT sector has always been on the flourishing side and administrative jobs are an integral part of the whole business. In Canada Manitoba and New Brunswick has the highest demand for Administrative and Support Desk Specialists. Proficiency in English and French is a plus and aptitude in other languages are also desired as Canada is home to a large number of migrants hailing from different countries across the world. So be administrative and support desk specialists in canada.

Data Scientists/Data Analysts 

As the saying goes, “Data is money”, companies treat data with utmost value and leverage strong data and computational aptitude to support informed business decisions. Canada is facing a shortage of data scientists for its businesses. The most in-demand job in Canada for Data professionals are Big data, data science, and data analytics clubbed with impressive remunerations as well. So be data scientists in canada.

Marketing/Digital Marketing Specialists 

Businesses across the world had a digital spin-off lately. An effective digital marketing strategy and an active online presence backed by analytical skills and cost efficiency make businesses thrive. Canada will witness a surge of 10% in the demand for marketing and advertising professionals by 2030, especially for professionals with exemplary digital marketing skills such as B2B sales, SEO, SEM, and social media.  

Logistics/Transportation/Supply chain 

The boom in online sales during the pandemic has paved the way for the Supply chain industries. The consumers new found buying patterns are fueling the sector with an increased demand for supply chain, logistics, and transportation experts. As the world faces a supply crunch, the procurement industry has emerged as a crucial sector — affecting everyone. The solution to these shortages of supply (manpower) challenges remains in generating more employment and like any other nation across the globe, Canada looks forward to employing Logistics/Transportation/Supply chain experts in big numbers in 2023.

On a closing note – Engineering aptitude is in high demand globally; in fact, engineering has proven to be one of the most sought-out college majors in Canada. The most in-demand jobs in Canada for engineering majors are Electrical, Software, Civil, Mechanical, and Biomedical/Chemical Engineers. If you wish to explore more about the market suitability and prospects, please reach out to an experienced Canada Education Consultant to make an informed decision about your next career move.

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