Latest Tech Innovations That Help With Drug Rehabilitation

With the growing rate of addicts willing to withdraw from drugs every year, scientists have been developing new technologies that can be used to provide more effective treatment. The traditional methods might have worked once, but they are failing nowadays. Especially with people that have already gone through the basic 12 steps once or twice. 

It’s not only essential to have proper detox equipment, but also technology in many other areas is required. Facilities have a wide range of devices, from diagnostic equipment to stimulation gear that can help during withdrawal. Here is a better look into some of these technologies, and why the conventional methods aren’t enough.

Diagnosis Equipment

Having the appropriate diagnosing equipment is really important for every rehab facility. There is a need to have the proper systems to thoroughly examine every addict, by which they can know the seriousness of the abuser’s addiction. 

Many machines can be used for this purpose, some of which are ultrasound technologies, electrocardiogram gear, automated laboratory system, oxygen inhaler, and cardio-respiratory monitors.

All these technologies, and more, can seriously improve a rehab centre’s treatment facilities. 

Technologies That Help Addicts Through Withdrawal

Addicts going through the detoxification process have to go through many difficulties. Other than the constant cravings, the symptoms of withdrawal can be devastating depending on how severe the addiction initially was. You can now even get a remote patient monitoring solution

A great device known as a Bridge Auricular Stimulator is used with opioid users. The patient simply has to keep the device around their ear throughout the detox process. It helps the person feel better by sending electrical impulses to the brain, which block pain and discomfort. 

Other than the bridge, there are other devices commonly used by excellent rehabilitation centres. Details of which are given below:

Nerve Stimulators

Nerve stimulators are excellent in treating symptoms of many different types of drug and alcohol withdrawal. One of the most popular devices of this sort is the Neuro Jet, which is small enough to fit in a person’s pants pocket. A user can quickly attach the electrodes to their earlobes and carry on with their usual activities. It is required that they wear it continuously for the first three days and two nights, the user can remove it while they sleep during the third night. It is excellent for anyone to control severe symptoms and carry on with work or studies. 

Brain Stimulators

The patients going through withdrawal feel a range of symptoms, including imbalanced emotions. The brain stimulator keeps the emotional state balanced by using audio-visual methods. The device’s settings can be varied to produce signals of different intensities and frequencies to either activate or block a patient’s mental processes.

 It sends audio-video signals that alter a patient’s senses. They usually have a brilliant result. People are provided with bright visuals, like fireworks or the light of a candle, to which they are attracted, along with matching sounds. It may not seem like much, but does wonders.  

What Makes The Conventional Methods Outdated?

When people think of conventional rehabilitation methods, the 12 steps usually come to mind. They have been about for quite some time, and many centres heavily really on those techniques to get their patients through withdrawal. However, they aren’t the most suitable option. The facilities give basic instructions to every addict; when in reality, no two people are the same. Their use can still be beneficial for many, but a personalised program can be more effective and forever lasting. Addicts can find help at ARC Rehab, among other centres in the UK, to get the best treatment with the latest methods.