How Much Should Your Wedding Cake Cost?

Start by researching several cake stores to determine the average cost of wedding cakes. You only need to ask about the pricing of a bakery’s pastries to learn prices; you don’t need to engage in the complete process of consultations and tasting sessions.

Asking your friends and family—people you already know—about cake prices is another option. Learn where they purchased their wedding cake, how many guests it fed, and the price. Take pictures and write down as much information as you can! To begin the following stage, it would be sufficient. If you’re in Sydney and looking for the best Sydney wedding directory, check out Oz Wedding Vendors.


A larger, more well-known cake shop can be less expensive, and vice versa.

Try not to rely your budgeting on estimates you have received from several countries because cake prices vary per country.

2. Objective & Options

It’s important to talk about how significant a cake is to your wedding now that you know how much a cake costs on average. What’s the purpose of the cake? This will make it easier for you to calculate how much money you would need to spend on the cake. Examples of two uses for the nangs are provided below, along with your options:


Showcase cakes must have a good height. The height would depend on how many visitors you would be inviting. A few possibilities exist for showcase cakes. First, if you don’t want to serve your wedding cake to your guests, rent dummy cakes, which can be handcrafted to match your theme or purchased if you can find one. Of course, this would be the least expensive choice.


You would need a genuine cake if your dessert were meant to nourish your visitors. But the entire wedding cake does not have to be served. You may order a fake cake and serve the actual one to your guests separately. Depending on the bakery you select, this option can demand less cash commitment. You could also make a real or fake wedding cake. This would imply that some of the cake’s tiers are fake while others are real. With this choice, you would undoubtedly save money.

Pricing & Budget

Once you’ve chosen the cake’s function, choosing how much money to set aside for your wedding cake will be simpler.

If you’re searching for rentals, research the cost of wedding cakes being leased and use that as a ballpark figure. To be sure you can even find a cake that matches your wedding theme, look at your selections first.

If you need entire sugar cakes constructed but are unclear about the size you’d need, you might estimate that 50 guests would fit on one-tier. Therefore, three tiers would be needed for 150 guests. However, anything more than five tiers would be considered “overkill.”

In general, you can divide the cost of a wedding cake with the design you liked in the past (from your research) by the number of guests attending that wedding for cakes that will be served to your guests as dessert. Now double this figure by the number of visitors you are feeding. Here is the equation.