How Custom Gift Card Boxes Can Make Your Festivals Unique?

Are you tired of getting photo frames as a gift, every single time, seriously, why, what is the need, or what do people while choosing a photo frame for someone as a gift?

The world we live in is not the same anymore the way it used to be. People do not even keep hard copies of the pictures because hello, cell phones!

Thanks to advancements and thanks to awareness that it is not necessary to give a photo frame as a present, for God’s sake, please, no. It is time where people are more aware of the fact that presents may be small or big but it must have to be useful.

Gift cards are a new trend for everyone; companies and audiences both love to give these cards. They basically are coupons that are worth some money, discount, offer, deal, or any reward by a particular store. Following the rules, people can redeem or use their credit in a defined period of time. Around the holidays or special events companies offer these cards to their current customers or new audience as a marketing tactic.

It is not as pleasing to hand over a boring card as it is to pack them in unique and captivating encasements because they create more worth, are presentable, and build a strong image of the brand in the market and among the competitors.

Gift card boxes are made up of a wide range of material that gives the strength and quality such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard are used to make custom packaging for every type and size of product. These materials are highly customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that offer better presentation of the product and the brand in the most effective manner. You can get your custom prints, patterns, imagery, and logo to make a more personalized and branded image. Custom lamination in different finishes like glossy or matte not only enhances the appearance and but also increases the strength of the cartons, making them water and moisture-proof.

These custom gift card boxes make your special events more especially in different ways such as;

A box is a must!

It is important for every product to be packed inside an attractive and well-designed box that represents a strong and professional image of the brand in the market. It is important for the brands to provide customers with the necessary information regarding the product and the company. Custom-designed gift cards are more attractive and offer better information that is useful and crucial in making purchase.

Attract customers

Attractively designed packaging will entice customers to engage and get to know more about the product. For example, window cut-out gift box with custom colors that are essence of the brand and eye-catching themed patterns leaves the best first impression than the boxes that are plain.  As the holiday is around the corner, give your audience a special feel with custom printing in red and white patterns, imagery, laminations, spot UV and other details to grab their attention.

Better display

Custom packaging comes in all the different shapes and styles that increase the worth of the brand because of their uniqueness and authenticity. These shapes add some excitement and special touch to the plain cards that feel so unattractive when given as it is.

Die-cutting gives shapes that are unimaginable in the finest outlook such as there are pillow packaging, flip open cases, magnetic enclosures, and window cut-out boxes. These cut-outs give a very classy sneak peek of the product that is packed inside of the box. These cut-out boxes make a very outstanding presentation box that instantly grabs the attention of the customers from far away. Using these gift boxes on different occasions, festivals or events makes the best-presented packaging.

Retain customers

Card boxes that are specifically designed for special occasions have information, deals, offers, colors, themes, and designs for that event, which makes it more captivating, especially by giving a full vibe of happiness and fulfilment.

Captivating cards increase the worth and let customers feel good about the product, brand, and make purchase using these cards.

Brand awareness

Packaging boxes are effective in the marketing of the product and the brand wherever they go. These boxes placed on the shelves work as a silent salesperson that gives customers and the audience better idea of the brand.

Boxes with flip-open lids with a ribbon hinge that prevent the cover from falling back works better as presentation for gift cards at different events. Gift card box holder displayed on the counters and shelves entices customers in making purchase and avail the offer.

Besides all these amazing benefits, you can create festive Christmas gift card boxes in the most outstanding prices that are cheapest than any other alternative that is available in the market. You can create packaging that is sustainable and does not negatively impact the environment like non-eco-friendly material such as plastic.

Feel free to go beyond your imagination to create packaging that will leave customers speechless.