Everything You Need to Know About Research Methodology

A dissertation methodology explains and discusses the data collection methods. It is a key element of a thesis, dissertation, and research paper, explaining what you did and how you did it to help graders analyse the credibility and reliability of your research.

The experts offering Dissertation Help assistance in the UK suggest that every dissertation methodology must include:

  • The type of research
  • Data collection and analysis process
  • Tools and materials used in the research
  • The reasons for choosing these methods

However, most students refer to the dissertation structures available online without proper verification and tend to make silly mistakes. For instance, the requirements and formatting vary by subject. So, it’s crucial to consult your mentor before outlining the methodology structure.

Essential Tips to Consider While Writing Your Dissertation Methodology

  • Write your dissertation methodology in the past tense
  • Cross-check your field guide to determine what to include in different types of research.
  • Sometimes the given citation style provides important guidelines for writing a methodology section.

Significance of the Dissertation Methodology

Your dissertation methodology enables you to share important details on how you researched for data and why you chose that method in the first place. It also helps to highlight your research skills and makes your work legitimate, allowing readers to trust your work in the field.

Writing a Solid Dissertation Methodology – Steps to Follow

  • Introduce the methodological approach

Start your dissertation methodology with the “what” or “why” approach. For instance, you can talk about the research problem you wish to investigate and the type of data you need to achieve your target. If not, you can answer why the chosen method is the best way to find answers to the research question and the criteria for determining the reliability of this type of research.

  • Describe the data collection methods

Every dissertation methodology must describe the quantitative research methods in detail so another researcher can refer to your study. Discuss the sampling method and use of different tools and methods to gather data. For instance, if you are using surveys and experiments or existing data, you must thoroughly conduct surveys and experiments and how you used existing data and their sources.

In qualitative research, discuss the criteria you used for data selection, the context of the research, and your role in the process. Then, whether you choose interviews, participant observation, or existing data, answer each method’s where, when, and how.

If you choose to integrate both types of data in the mixed methods research, carefully consider both data types to pull off this successfully.

  • Explain your analysis process

Next, you have to describe how you processed and evaluated your data. In quantitative research, your analysis will be based on numbers, including how you prepared the data and the software and statistical tests used.

Qualitative research often involves textual analysis, including content analysis, thematic analysis, and discourse analysis. On the other hand, the mixed method combines both methods into one analytical process.

  • Justify your methodological choices

Your dissertation methodology should clearly explain why you chose the methods you did. Discuss in detail and explain why other methods were unsuitable for your objective. Show how your methods have generated reliable results. You can also acknowledge the challenges of your chosen method, but make sure it does not outweigh the strengths.

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Summary: A methodology is a crucial chapter of a dissertation, thesis, or research paper. So, students must keep it clear and well-structured so the target readers can get a clear idea of their approach. Read this article for more on the same.

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