Buying Guide for Xbox Live Gift Cards

Attention to all Xbox gamers! This year, lots of new games and sequels of your all-time favorite games are about to be released. With that, getting an Xbox Live gift card can allow you to be one of the first players to get your hands on one of these newly released games.

What is Xbox Live Gift Card

If you have an Xbox Live at home, getting an Xbox Live gift card can make your experience even better every day. This gift card is your currency that you can use to buy the latest and your favorite games, applications, movies, and TV shows.

You can buy these gift cards in selected malls and stores. But if there are no stores available that sell Xbox Live gift cards near your place you can opt to buy online. Simply search for Xbox gift card cheap.

To make it easier for you, we have provided an embedded link to our site. Here, you can browse different posts from sellers where you can buy Xbox Live gift cards.

What makes it even better is that you can freely choose your region or country to filter out the posted offers and only show the ones near and ideal for you.

By clicking a post, you can see the estimated delivery time of the gift card to you. You can also pay for this however is most ideal for you. You can choose between credit and debit cards, or from your E-wallet.

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Hottest 2023 Games to Buy with Xbox Live Card

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is one of the upcoming games to be released this March 2024, and avid gamers are thrilled. In preparation for the actual release on March 22 of the year, the character creator tool was already published so players can customize their player characters and easily integrate it upon downloading and installing the game.

This game costs $70.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a Japanese indie game. This RPG game was supposed to be released last year, however, it was then announced that the game release would not push through on the said year. But this time, it is confirmed that the game will be released in April 2024. You can preorder this for $49.99.

Avowed is another upcoming game to be released this year. This game is an action RPG that dwells on the player’s journey in investigating the Living Lands due to a mysterious plague. Currently, the game is not yet available for preorder as the game is expected to be released during the third or fourth quarter of the year.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is the sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice which is expected to be released on May 21, 2024. Experience the journey of wandering in the 10th Century Island in the eyes of someone who experiences psychosis. Hellblade II can be purchased for $49.99.