9 Business worthy power apps use cases you do not want to miss

Enterprises are adopting the most effective technological and digital advancements to adapt to the changing market landscapes. Microsoft Power Platform is a power-packed suite of apps to help enterprises with plenty of benefits. It enables citizen developers to create applications without coding knowledge and streamlines business operations. Enterprises can automate repetitive tasks and build seamless collaborations with the team to enhance customer experiences.

Here we have enlisted some most prominent use cases of Power Apps:

HR processes

Employee Review System

An employee review system enables enterprises to track and measure employee performance, skillsets, and engagement. Overall, it gives a SWOT analysis of each employee. Eventually, enterprises can find potential areas of improvement and share feedback with the team members.

Learning Management App 

Digital content resources have become one of the mainstream sources for organizations to motivate team members to learn new skills. It is essential to keep upskilling your existing team. A learning management app is one of the essential tools for employee engagement. With Power Apps, enterprises can quickly build and customize the app based on their requirements.

Employee Helpdesk App

Having a helpdesk app helps enterprises to improve cross-departmental communication. It also helps in tracking and resolving the queries of employees. Employees can quickly start conversations with the support team regarding their queries and raise tickets.

Candidate Interview Process App

 The human resource team faces challenges in keeping the interview process interactive and getting feedback earliest. According to 75% of recruiters, technology will be an essential element in their hiring process/interview process. It can help the HR (Human Resource) teams to upload, check, monitor, and update the hiring phases immediately, keeping all other members informed about the hiring. The applications keep you informed about the hiring decision, whether the candidate is hired or not, which eventually makes the entire evaluation process convenient for everyone.

Onboarding Application

Employee onboarding experience helps organizations keep the team members engaged and stay longer in the organizations. 53% of HR managers find that positive employee onboarding helps boost employee engagement, and 82% believe it improves employee retention. The employee onboarding experience is more than employee engagement. The onboarding app helps enterprises to digitalize their onboarding experiences. A comprehensive, integrated platform helps the new member understand the organization’s policies and procedures. The entire process would be automated, saving the HR team a lot of time and effort.

To-Do List App

Keeping their team members productive and engaged is one of the biggest challenges for organizations. Having an integrated application that enables you to manage and track the tasks assigned to your team members will boost the productivity of your team members. It also helps prioritize the tasks and generate the daily report or summary of the activities. Managers can easily track the updates and assign new tasks to their team members.


App for generating an instant quote

Salespeople face a lot of trouble while sharing customized quotes with their clients. Every time they must create customized quote templates manually, share them with customers, and track them manually. It is a hassle and can take a lot of effort and time from the team, which eventually reduces overall productivity. Power Apps enable team members to automate generating instant quotes for customers.

Site Inspection App

The site inspection app helps you to catalog and reference plenty of instances with site details, location pins, and images. This app would be the best bet for the insurance, property management, and real estate industries.

Supply chain

An App for Managing Your Inventory

Manage and automate the inventory management process with a customized app built with power apps. Enterprises can manage check-in, check-out, and track the stocks easily. The app allows representatives to easily track stock demand, sales, inventories, and other logistics trends. It can help enterprises to plan and reduce inventory costs using the collected data and trends with the app.

The list of applications that can be developed with Power Apps has no boundaries. You can transform every process with Power Apps to save time, effort, and cost for enterprises. Based on the requirements, enterprises can customize their apps to make them more friendly and effective for their businesses. Most of the repetitive and mundane tasks can be automated with Power Platform saving a lot of time and effort for the team members.

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